ISUZU Pride and Proud


In today’s ever-changing world, what counts is performance. Cargo capacity at the loading dock.
Outstanding power, torque and fuel efficiency on the highway.
Versatility to handle any task at the job site.
The C&E Series of heavy-duty truck and tractor units offers all that and more, based on game-changing ISUZU engineering that is shaping the way we think about building a better world.



CYZ GVM 33,000kg


CYH GVM 41,000kg


EXR Tractor GVM 20,000kg
GCM 42,000kg/45,000kg


EXZ Tractor GVM 33,000kg
GCM 60,000kg



New to our solid lineup, the high-potential 6WF1-TCC diesel and powered-up 6WG1-TCC diesel.
Loaded with a number of advanced technologies, these engines provide the fantastic fuel efficiency and low-speed torque and acceleration needed to take on a variety of tasks.


Direct-injection OHC
Displacement 14,256 cc
Max. Output 287kW(390PS)/1,800rpm
Max. Torque 1,863N•m(190kg•m)/1,100rpm


Direct-injection OHC
Displacement 15,681 cc
Max. Output 338kW(460PS)/1,800rpm
Max. Torque 2,256N•m(230kg•m)/900rpm

Precise electronic control of common rail system

Reduced emissions and better fuel economy are the benefits of super high-pressure fuel injection, which incorporates precise electronic control for greater engine efficiency.

Turbocharger maximizes low-speed performance

The intercooled turbocharger system maximizes low-speed torque and acceleration. The 6WF1-TCC diesel and 6WG1-TCC diesel are perfect for heavy hauling and high-volume distribution.

Noise reducing cab back panel

An optional cab back panel can be installed to not only muffle the sound of the engine, but also protect it. * The photo is of a tractor.

7-speed, 16-speed and 18-speed transmissions are available

This reliable transmission is a big reason for the C&E Series’strong reputation. Thanks to its wide gear range, the 16-speed transmission provides excellent power performance and fuel economy.
Models that utilize Eaton transmissions are also available*.
* EXZ equipped with 6WF1-TCC diesel only

Inhibitor shift warning alerts drivers (16-speed transmissions only)

The Inhibitor warning is a convenient feature that warns drivers when shifting into the wrong gear.
By helping to ensure correct shifting, driver control and fuel economy are enhanced.


Aerodynamic cab design lowers fuel costs

Corner vanes, blister fenders, an air dam bumper – every facet of the cab is designed to cut wind resistance and improve the aerodynamics.
The open area of the front grill helps to cool the engine without hindering the aerodynamic performance.
This allows for a better interior space and effortless handling, in addition to the improved fuel efficiency.

High-clearance pipe and vertical silencer (Option)

The rear pipe and vertical silencer are carefully positioned to clear rear bodies and provide optimum height from ground for better running performance.

Heavy-duty suspension for big loads

Designed specifically for high carrying capacity, the C&E Series features extra-strength front and rear leaf-spring suspension to absorb vibration, protect cargo and provide a smooth ride. There are two-types of suspension available.
For enhanced operation on uneven terrain, the highly rigid frame resists torsion forces and increases overall durability.

Variety of tires sizes to match the job

From standard 295/80R and optional 315/80R tubeless tires to 11.00R 20 tube tires, there is a tire size to match your exact application.
Off-road RIBLUG tires or on-road RIB tires can be selected.

Noise reducing cab back panel

An optional cab back panel can be installed to not only muffle the sound of the engine, but also protect it.
* The photo is of a tractor.

Cab comfort and easy operation go hand in hand. ISUZU looked carefully at what drivers need to make their job easier. High on the list are quick-read meters, storage and various convenience features, such as an optional bed for a quick nap or good rest after a hard day.

Bed, Center seat

High-visibility meters

Allow confirmation of vehicle status at a glance. The photo above shows the meter in the 6WF1 model.
The meter design of models with a 6WG1 engine is equipped with a Multi-information Display.

Fluorescent lamp*

Brightens every corner of the cab

Tilt and telescopic steering

Creates the ideal driving position

Power steering

Helps to reduce driver fatigue

Power window switch/lock

Convenience and safety at your fingertips

Center seat back tray*

Back of seat becomes a tray when folded down

Cup holders

Keep two cups or cans within easy reach of driver

Air conditioner*

Cab atmosphere stays fresh and clean

Windshield shade band*

Blocks glare and improves visibility

UV-cut door glass*

Cuts UV rays for a more comfortable driving environment

Room mirror*

Allows driver to check rear of cabin and through rear window

AM/FM radio with CD player*

Produce superior sound quality

Spacious bed*

Optional bed to relax after a long day of driving

Round curtain*

Handy option to assure privacy and keep rear cabin clutter out of view

Reclining seat

Driver’s seat fully reclines for a quick nap

ISUZU original air suspension seat*

Cushions are pneumatically maintained at perfect level; high headrest improves safety *High headrest is for LHD model only.

ISRINGHAUSEN air suspension seat*

The integrated seatbelt prevents the belt from getting overly tight when the seat jostles. The bucket seat provides a secure hold.

Easy cab access

Three steps and handgrips facilitate cab ingress/egress

In addition to highly rigid cab construction and steel door beams to protect occupants, a carefully thought-out mirror system provides an expanded safety zone to protect pedestrians and other vehicles when turning and changing lanes.
Easy maintenance is another strongpoint of the C&E Series.
Fluids and filters are readily accessed through the front panel, while the power tilt-cab mechanism simplifies engine and transmission service.

Better mirror visibility for safer driving

Wide-angle mirrors on the driver’s side and co-driver’s side as well as front and side undermirrors on the co-driver’s side expand visibility, helping to prevent “underrun“ and contact accidents during turns or merging.

Wide illumination area and full-coverage wipers

Nighttime safety gets a boost from larger headlamp bulbs, which increase the illumination area; at dawn or twilight, use of clearance lamps makes the vehicle more visible. Full-coverage wipers keep the windshield clear even in extreme conditions.

ABS eliminates wheel lockup

The complete control of an Antilock Braking System is standard on every C&E model. During emergencies or hard braking on slippery surfaces, ABS keeps wheels from locking up and allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle. Extra-large front and rear drum brakes improve ABS performance..

Reliable wheel parking brake

This high-powered parking brake has a reliable hold, even when parking on an incline.

Worry-free trailer coupling

Full and secure coupling of tractor and trailer is essential for peace of mind and safety. (CYZ51Q full trailer)

Quick-access panel for easy inspection

Daily inspection of fluid reservoirs, filters and other components takes no time at all, due to the front access panel. By encouraging daily inspection, the access panel prevents minor issues such as low fluids from turning into major repairs.

Protective insect screen

An insect screen over the radiator grille protects vehicles from damage caused by insects and stone chips.

Replaceable sedimenter filters

A sedimenter features replaceable filters – there is no need to replace the entire cartridge. Besides the cost benefit, filters are highly effective and easily remove deposits and water from oil.

Locking fuel tank with step

A locking fuel-tank cap prevents theft and spillage. On E-Series tractors, a convenient step for platform access is built into the 550-liter fuel tank.

Pre-air cleaner for long filter life

A pre-air cleaner extends the service life of the air cleaner element and is particularly well suited to a variety of uses especially in sandy and dusty areas.

Simplified rear-body mounting and trailer versatility

The wide wheelbase and rugged construction of the C&E Series undercarriage simplifies mounting of rear bodies and trailers for specific applications. Engineered to be lightweight and durable, the chassis realizes cost-effective handling of heavy loads and is one reason ISUZU is establishing a worldwide reputation as a global brand in the heavy-duty segment.

The sub-name plate shows technologically maximum GVM (first two digits) and engine output (last two digits) at a glance.