ISUZU N-Series


N-Series REWARD brings higher performance on every level with styling, power, economical operation and safety features geared to increased capacity. By offering a wide range of GVM, REWARD meets the needs of business with a model perfect for every application while working in harmony with society and the environment.


Standard Cab

NLR GVM 3,100-4,100 kg
NMR GVM 5,200-5,500 kg

Wide Cab

NPR GVM 6,000- 7,000 kg
NQR GVM 8,000 kg / GVM 9,500 kg (with full air brake model)

Wide Cab 4WD / Crew Cab

NPS GVM 6,000 kg
NLR GVM 3,300 kg NMR GVM 5,500 kg
NPR GVM 6,000-7,000 kg NPS GVM 6,000 kg

A Truck for Every Application

There is a wide variety of rear bodies, application-specific models and modifications to choose from, depending on the specialized needs of your business.
  • Powertrain
  • Safety
  • Maneuverability & Comfort
  • Cab & Chassis
  • Four Wheel Drive
Our engines were developed with SEE technology, emphasizing Safety, Economy, and the Environment. In addition, the lineup holds a variety of highly reliable engines that adhere to usage and gas emission standards. Select the optimal engine for your business needs.

Integrating, Reliability, Fuel Efficiency, and

4JH1 (Euro IV)

4JJ1 (Euro II)

4HK1 (Euro II)

DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)

The unburnt particles, primarily hydrocarbons, within the exhaust PM from the engine are converted into H2O, CO2, and other harmless substances. This greatly reduces the amount of harmful substances released. Max. Torque 2,256N•m(230kg•m)/900rpm

Cooled EGR

The air released by combustion is cooled and returned to the intake, and by reducing the concentration of oxygen, the heat of combustion is curtailed. This effectively reduces NOx.


Displacement 2,771cc
Direct injection mechanical pump system
Max. output: 57kW (78PS)/3,600rpm
Max. torque: 170N·m (17.3kg· m)/2,000rpm
Emission standard: EURO I
8-valve OHV
normal aspiration
Max. output: 65kW (88PS)/3,400rpm
Max. torque: 196N·m(20.0kg·m)/2,000rpm
Emission standard: EURO I / II
8-valve OHV
intercooled turbo


Displacement 4,570cc
Direct injection mechanical pump system
Max. output: 85kW (115PS)/3,200rpm
Max. torque: 291N·m (29.7kg·m)/1,600rpm
Emission standanl: EURO I
8-valve SOHC
normal aspiration


Displacement 2,999cc
Direct injection high pressure common rail system
Max. output: 77kW (105PS)/3,200rpm
Max. torque: 230N·m (23.5kg·m)/1,400- 3,200rpm
Emission standard: EURO II/IV
8-valve OHV
intercooled turbo


Displacement 4,778cc
Direct injection high pressure common rail system
Max. output: 96kW (131PS)/2,600rpm
Max. torque: 375N·m (38.2kg·m)/1,100-2,350rpm
Emission standard: EURO II
16-valve SOHC
intercooled turbo
Max. output: 110kW (150PS)/2,600rpm
Max. torque: 402N·m (41.0kg·m)/1,400-2,600rpm
Emission standard: EURO II
16-valve SOHC
intercooled turbo


Displacement 2,999cc
Direct injection high pressure common rail system
Max. output: 96kW (131PSJ/2,800rpm
Max. torque: 330N·m (33.7kg·m)/1,600-2,600rpm
Emission standard: EURO II
16-valve DOHC
intercooled turbo
Max. output: 96kW (131PS)/3,050rpm
Max. torque: 330N·m (33.7kg·m)/1,600-2,600rpm
Emission standard: EURO III
16-valve DOHC
intercooled turbo
Max. output 91kW (124PS)/2,600rpm
Max. torque 354N·m (36.1kg·m)/1,500rpm
Emission standard: EURO IV
16-valve DOHC
intercooled VGS turbo


Displacement 5,193cc
Direct injection high pressure common rail system
Max. output: 110kW (150PS)/2,600rpm
Max. torque: 402N·m (41.0kg·m)/1,600rpm
Emission standard: EURO II/III
16-valve SOHC
intercooled turbo
Max. output: 114kW (155PS)/2,600rpm
Max. torque: 419N·m (42.7kg·m)/1,600rpm
Emission standard: EURO IV
16-valve SOHC
intemooled VGS turbo
Engine model4JB14JH14JJ14HG14HL14HK1
Engine output (rpm)57kW(3,600)65kW(3,400)77kW(3,200)96kW(2,800)96kW(3,050)91kW(2,600)85kW(3,200)96kW(2,600)110kW(2,600)110kW(2,600)114kW(2,600)
Euro I
Euro II
Euro III
Euro IV

lntercooled turbo

lntercooled turbo The turbocharger supercharges with excellent efficiency. And a high-performance intercooler is utilized for high air-intake cooling effects. This improves the low-torque performance and acceleration, and helps raise the fuel economy.

Common rail fuel injection system

Electronic control precisely injects fuel at extremely high pressure and determines optimal injection amounts, reducing NOx and particulate matter (PM). (4JH1, 4JJ1, 4HL1, 4HK1)

16-valve DOHC

Valve operation is accurately timed even at high rpm, increasing air intake and discharge from cylinders, thereby raising intake and exhaust efficiency. These optimal combustion conditions reduce PM and black smoke while raising fuel economy. (4JJ1)

Manual transmission

Powerful yet economical and easy to handle. Reliability and durability you can count on. Trucks equipped with the 4HK1 and 4HL1 powerplants come with a six-speed transmission except NPS models.


Advanced digital analysis makes the cab more rigid and reduces weight: truck safety is evolving in a new direction.


Reinforced door waist

Minimizes distortion in the shape of the cab in the event of accident.

Reinforcement inside the front pillar

Not only the front pillar, but also the area from the bottom of the windshield down to the floor has been reinforced to reduce cab deformation during frontal collision.

ELR 3-point system seatbelts (center seat: 2-points)

Effectively restrain and protect driver and passengers during a collision.



Front and rear drum brakes

Extra-large brakes improve braking performance.

Multi-reflector halogen headlamps

Clear resin lenses and step reflectors provide outstanding illumination over a broad area to improve nighttime visibility and safety.

Door-side cornering lamps (option)

Improved side visibility alerts others sharing the road to the presence of the vehicle and helps prevent accidents.

Full-air braking system

GVM 9.5-ton model employs a full-air braking system which includes a wheel-park type parking braking system as standard equipment. The model also features an air dryer to maintain brake performance.

Wide field of vision

Drivers enjoy a clear view of the area surrounding the vehicle, making safety checks easy and reducing driving fatigue.

Compound curvature outside mirrors

Mirror surfaces feature a compound curvature, enhancing indirect views. * Image shows optional under view mirror.

Fog lamps (option)

Increase the level of safety during nighttime operation.

Exhaust brake

Assures safe stopping every time, even when fully loaded. * Optional for some models

Jet wipers

Enhanced wiper performance for a clear windshield.

Exhaust brake-linked lamps

Engaging the exhaust brake activates the brake lamps, warning following vehicles.

The Ultimate Workspace

Step up and experience the ultimate mobile office. With excellent accessibility, the cabin is a full-featured workspace designed for maximum utility, safety and comfort.

Enhanced vehicle operability

World-class comfort, flexible tilt/telescopic adjustment and effortless power steering are all standard, giving operators total control over both the vehicle and cab environment. The seat was designed to recline, and the hip-point has been positioned to a more natural driving position, with ensured visibility.

LED meters

Meter panel graphics incorporate ISO-compliant warning symbols. Meters are also easier to read, allowing drivers to confirm vehicle status at a glance. Moreover, LED lighting uses less electrical power, and lamps have a long service life.

More space for DIN devices

Vehicles are being equipped with more devices that use DIN connectors, and there is plenty of room to neatly install information terminals and audio equipment. Up to six DIN devices can be installed.

Ready for Business

Convenient features and plenty of storage space: N-Series is comfortable and efficient, and ready for business.

Main equipment

Glove Box Without Lid
Door Pocket
Convenient Hook
Card Holder
Driver's Seatback Pocket
Large Guard Bar
Assist Grip A-pillars
Door Ashtray(optional for co-driver's side)
Driver's Seat Sunvisor(optional for co-driver's side)
Column Combination Switches
Tilt Cab(except crew cab models)


Glove Box With Lid
Black Panel Tray
Header Tray
Door Pull Case
Cup Holders
Assist grip-cantrail(co-driver's side)
Power Window Switch
Air Conditioner
Tool Box
Fuel Tank Lock Cap
The above options are not applicable for some models.
* Standard for some models.

Strong and Durable Cab Chassis

A sturdy cab chassis that holds up to heavy use. Superiority both in travel and in boarding, the design is easy on drivers and builds trust the more it is driven.
Boxy cab: upright front pillars and side body, a design of functional beauty that is both aerodynamic and makes efficient use of space.

Professional styling for a professional tool

The styling is simple and powerful for timeless appeal. Aggressively delineated front-end components and a six-hole continental grille-the identifying mark of ISUZU vehicles-make a distinctive statement.

Vertical outside handles

Vertical handles make it easier to access tall vehicles. In addition, grips are designed to accommodate thick gloves.

Excellent ingress/egress

The upright front pillars allow doors to open to a wide angle and provide a larger door opening for effortless cab access. Also contributing to ingress/egress are the long steps and wide floor areas.

(1) Tough frame

The frame resists twisting during fixed loading and rough driving, and is excellent in terms of durability. *Image shows NPR/NPS/NQR (thickness for NMR/NLR: 5.3mm)

(2) Air cleaner

The necessary performance is maintained, even at a compact size that gives good ground clearance. Now every situation is easier to handle.

Cubicle form (high cab/wide cab)

The windshield and side windows are designed for maximum verticality, creating a boxy cab that optimizes both aerodynamic performance and interior space.

In pursuit of aerodynamic perfection

The aerodynamic front corners and roof cut air resistance especially when rear cargo bodies are mounted, contributing to better fuel economy.

In pursuit of aerodynamic perfection

The aerodynamic front corners and roof cut air resistance especially when rear cargo bodies are mounted, contributing to better fuel economy.
W/B[mm]Turning Radius[m]

Reliable Four Wheel Drive

No matter the road conditions, our 4WD has high driving performance. The excellent mechanism is also reliable and highly durable.

Part Time 4WD (front axle connect/disconnect system)

Equipped with a transfer control switch which offers one-touch switching between 2WD and 4WD*. In addition, 4L (4WD low-speed range) and 4H (4WD high-speed range) can also be selected. *It is necessary to confirm that the knobs on the freewheel hubs are set to the “LOCK” position.

Transfer control switch & indicator

Switching between 2WD and 4WD is as easy as flipping the switch. Also, as an indicator on the meter lights up when driving in 4WD, your driving mode can be checked with just a glance.

Easy cab access

4WD vehicles have one more step than 2WD vehicles due to their high vehicle height. This step is easy to use and is designed to minimize operator fatigue during ingress and egress.

Approach angle/ ramp angle

A 30.4-degree approach angle and 27.6-degree ramp angle are maintained, so you can drive over rough, uneven, and undulating terrain with ease. *When equipped with 7.5R-16-10 tires.