From global companies to local distributors, businesses around the world count on FORWARD for the innovative design, versatility and dependable performance that are vital to success.
The nine models in the FORWARD series feature optimized wheelbases for greater load capacity and body-mounting capability.
With the addition of the heavy-hauling GVR-a new 32-ton GCM tractor based on the FVR truck and choice of five powerplants, there is always a FORWARD model that’s right for your business.



FRR GVM 10.4ton
4HK1-TCC, 4HK1-TCS, 6HK1-TCN, 6HH1-S


FSR GVM 11.0ton/13.0ton
4HK1-TCS, 6HK1-TCN, 6HH1-S


FTR GVM 14.2ton


FVR GVM 15.0ton/17.0ton
4HK1-TCS, 6HK1-TCN, 6HK1-TCS, 6HH1-S


FVM GVM 25.0ton


FVZ GVM 25.0ton


FSS GVM 10.0ton


FTS GVM 13.0ton
6HK1-TCN, 6HH1-S


GVR GVM 15.0ton GCM 32.0ton

A Truck for Every Application

There is a wide variety of rear bodies, application-specific models and modifications to choose from, depending on the specialised needs of your business.

Big power from small displacement:
ISUZU engineers pushed the limits of engine technology to develop the four-cylinder 4HK1-TCC / TCS.
These diesels are ideal for urban delivery.
For long-haul transport and more demanding applications, six-cylinder 6HK1-TCN / TCS offer the ultimate in output and torque and 6HH1-S powerplant features a mechanical pump to supply fuel from the fuel tank.

Five Proven Diesels For Every Job

4HK1-TCC Direct-injection OHC

  • Displacement 5,193cc
  • Max. Output 140kW (190PS) / 2,600rpm (net)
  • Max. Torque 510N•m (52kg•m) / 1,600rpm (net)

4HK1-TCS Direct-injection OHC

  • Displacement 5,193cc
  • Max. Output 154kW (210PS) / 2,600rpm (net)
  • Max. Torque 637N•m (65kg•m) / 1,600rpm (net), 706N•m (72kg•m) / 1,600rpm (net)

6HK1-TCN Direct-injection OHC

  • Displacement 7,790cc
  • Max. Output 177kW (240PS) / 2,400rpm (net)
  • Max. Torque 706N•m (72kg•m) / 1,450rpm (net)

6HK1-TCS Direct-injection OHC

  • Displacement 7,790cc
  • Max. Output 206kW (280PS) / 2,400rpm (net)
  • Max. Torque 882N•m (90kg•m) / 1,450rpm (net)

6HH1-S Direct-injection OHC

  • Displacement 8,266cc
  • Max. Output 143kW (195PS) / 2,850rpm (gross)
  • Max. Torque 490N•m (50kg•m) / 1,700rpm (gross)


The turbocharger realizes high output from small displacement.
The result is improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Common-rail fuel injection system

Electronic control injects fuel at extremely high pressure in 1/1000 second units and determines optimal injection amounts, reducing NOx and particulate matter.

Electronic control technologies

Proprietary ISUZU electronic control technologies are the key to precise regulation of combustion in order to deliver peak power, environmental performance and fuel economy. Every FORWARD model takes full advantage of cutting-edge ISUZU electronic control.

Smooth and effortless shifting

Refinements to the master cylinder reduce the effort involved in manual shifting and ensure a smooth ride. Reliability and durability are also enhanced.

Crawler gear to move big loads

On higher GVM models equipped with the ZF9S1110 transmission, a crawler gear provides the power to move heavy, oversize loads.

Inter differential lock / center differential lock / 4WD switches

For maximum drive-axle traction in extreme conditions, two separate differential locks are available along with a 4WD driving system. Just flip the dash-mounted switches when conditions call for a sure grip in slippery spots.

With a rigid chassis and optimal wheelbase dimensions, FORWARD is engineered to handle punishing conditions, heavy loads and a broad variety of rear bodies.

Placing the front axle slightly to the rear not only maximizes capacity, it also reduces overall length and allows for larger cab steps.

Net benefit: greater capacity, easier body mounting and better cab access.

Class-leading interior space (Full Cab)

The rear of the Full Cab serves dual purposes as a bed and storage area.
Dimensions are best in class, so there is ample room to spread out and rest or stow items. In the Day Cab, rear storage keeps cab clutter to a minimum by providing a handy spot for equipment and hand luggage.

Pleasant and productive working environment

The cab minimizes fatigue by creating a pleasant and productive working environment. Supportive seating is a top priority. Numerous comfort, audio and storage options boost the level of luxury.

Seat comfort means less driver fatigue

Sit back and relax. Luxurious reclining seats feature long slide adjustment and help make long hours on the road fly by. In the available air-suspension seat system, cushion height is pneumatically maintained at the perfect level. ISUZU even made a special effort to make seat belts as comfortable as possible by adopting an adjustable anchor.

Silicone-filled cab suspension

Optional silicone-filled mounts allow cab suspension to absorb impact and vibration, smoothing out bumps in the road and protecting cargo. This system reduces the burden on drivers and dramatically improves ride quality.

Tough leaf spring suspension

Suspension is designed to reduce vibration and increase driving comfort by isolating the vehicle from road shocks. Suspension type is carefully selected to meet the needs of each model.

Bring out the best of FORWARD

Take full advantage of FORWARD comfort and convenience by choosing from the many options available. Customizing your vehicle makes FORWARD a t rue workday partner.

FORWARD takes handling and control to the next level.
Chassis and drivetrain enhancements work together with easy-to-read indicators and switches to give unmatched control over vehicle operations.
Day in and day out, drivers will appreciate the flawless handling and easy operation.

Tight turning radius

With a maximum steering angle of 57 degrees and reduced front overhang, FORWARD can maneuver with precision in congested areas and tight quarters.

Precise electronic control of common rail system

Reduced emissions and better fuel economy are the benefits of super high-pressure fuel injection, which incorporates precise electronic control for greater engine efficiency.

Minimum turning radius, 3,700mm wheelbase (FSR model)

Power steering / adjustable column

Power steering and tilt / telescopic column adjustment are standard, helping to reduce driver fatigue.

High-visibility meters, simple operation

Meters are located in the center for superior visibility, allowing drivers to confirm vehicle status at a glance. Surrounding switches are designed for easy control.

Suspended brake pedal

Suspending the brake pedal provides a more natural, car-like driving experience. It also allows the brake valve to be placed in the quick access area for easier maintenance without tilting the cab.

Driver-friendly inside, aerodynamic outside

Inside and out, FORWARD cabs have the functionality demanded of professional grade medium-duty trucks. A spacious interior offers plenty of amenities for drivers, while the sculpted exterior has superior aerodynamics to boost fuel economy. It’s a winning combination on every level.

Functional and elegant Hexa-Pod design

Simple, solid and efficient: these are the essential elements of the Hexa-Pod concept. The exterior has an elegant and timeless look that befits the next stage in FORWARD’s evolution as a global leader.

Wide range of wheelbases

With an expanded lineup of wheelbases, FORWARD offers superior carrying capacity and body modification as it responds to customer needs for versatile platforms that can handle any application.

Gusseted joints

Gusset plates are used to reinforce frame joints in order to increase load capacity and rigidity.

The exceptional visibility of highly rigid FORWARD cabs is due in part to their boxy design, which increases window area. Upward and downward forward visibility is first-rate, and large side mirrors give excellent rear views. Defrosters keep side windows clear.

Greater illumination from headlamps / fog lamps

Larger headlamp bulbs provide better forward illumination during nighttime operation, while fog lamps increase the level of safety in bad weather.

Enhanced braking

Extra-large front and rear drum brakes improve braking performance and are carefully matched to meet the requirements of each model.

Safe stopping and parking at all times

Optional exhaust braking guarantees safe stopping even when fully loaded, while the parking brake lever locks wheels firmly in place.

Backing safety system

In reverse gear, the backing safety system is triggered automatically; lamps flash and a buzzer sounds to warn pedestrians and other vehicles.

Perfectly positioned grips and handrests

Getting in and out of large vehicles like those of FORWARD has never been easier, thanks to well-placed grips and handrests. Wide-opening doors and flat seat cushion surfaces also facilitate access.

Designed for easy maintenance

When there is a big job, FORWARD will be ready. The quick access front panel facilitates routine replenishment of clutch and washer fluids as well as brake valve maintenance.

Cleaning the windshield is a snap

A full-length bumper step and hand grips take the hard work out of cleaning the windshield. The bumper step and grips also offer steady support for adjustment of mirrors. For remote adjustment from inside the cab, power mirrors are available.

Simplified fluid inspection and other service work

Checking fluids is simple. An engine oil inspection port is located at the back of the cab, along with brake fluid and long-life coolant reservoirs. The relay box is also conveniently placed at the back of the cab for straightforward inspection. Even fuse replacement inside the cab below the instrument panel is easy, thanks to a cartridge-type fuse box.